Phew, it’s February already. Time flies fast eh? It feels like holiday that I just had was yesterday! I don’t know whether I am the only one who feels this way or not. But this occurrence of mine should be caused by one thing. One thing that all of the high school third graders worry about, SBMPTN.

Like I wrote on my post before. I got the highest score on the first tryout held by KPMBB. Back then, I wasn’t sure if it was pure skill or pure luck. But turns out, it’s both. After that, I also attended the SIMAK UI tryout held by IMAWANGI. Surprisingly I came out as the highest scoring in SOSHUM type! And after SIMAK UI, I again attended the SBMPTN tryout held by KPMBS, and again I came out as the highest scoring in SOSHUM. And recently last Sunday, I attended SIMULTAN tryout held by KPMBY but the result hasn’t come out so far.

After those series of winning, especially three times in a row, one can can be extremely confident. And as always, I was. I admit that happens to me also. I was overjoyed and those winning streak improved my confidence that was high already. In fact, because my high level of confidence, I even shunned others. Others who were not so confident about their ability, and choose the safest way instead, by choosing the less favorite study programs and/or universities. I called them cowards.

Until last Sunday, I realized something.

Last Sunday tryout was very different because it applied the regulation of SBMPTN. Including its scheduling system and number of items, which is 90 for TKPA and 60 for TKD. And I could say it was pretty realistic compared to the earlier tryouts I attended. And after the tryout, it was a session of experiences sharing by the UGM students. And  from there I got a moment of clarity.

Before this, I had came across a lot of seniors who themselves weren’t so lucky in the SBMPTN. Their stories started the same. They were very confident, they aimed too high for their standards, and they failed and had to continue on another universities which they never thought before. But as usual, I refuse to believe and my conclusion was their efforts weren’t hard enough.

And last Sunday, a session of experience sharing by UGM students really enlighten me. Because they stressed the importance of understanding ability of self which I never done and importantly, putting aside any young idealism and high expectations. They said SBMPTN isn’t that easy. Even one of them admitted that his current study program wasn’t his original choice. His original choice was international relations. He said that choosing international relations is no joke, no joke at all.

I know that he was one of the best student in his school. He was from social class, smart, and prepared, yet he choose the safe way. Meanwhile, I’m from science class but I’m not the brightest in my class, and my level of preparedness is questionable yet I boast to everyone that I will pass through SBMPTN. And it seems like everyone believes in me. But it isn’t people beliefs that will get you through.

I admit. I still aim for international relations. My aim hasn’t changed even a bit. But last Sunday experience gave me some insights about my dream. That he path I choose to victory isn’t smooth at all. There lies all sorts of torment in various form. And for me, last Sunday experience was a huge game changing moment. Because it left a precious thoughts for me, that I should have fear. Fear of my inability to compete, fear of failure, and fear of my own confidence and idealist mind. But whatever lies ahead now or later, my goal is simple. Be prepared for everything. Train hard, fight easy.

Warm regards, Lucke Haryo.


10th January 2016


So last Sunday was a very memorable day for me in this year of 2016. I unexpectedly got the highest score on SBMPTN Soshum Try Out held by KPMBB during Banyuwangi Education Festival. I really didn’t expect anything back then. I didn’t study harder, I didn’t set any goals, and in fact I didn’t even know there is a reward for highest score! But nevertheless, I won.

To me, I really delighted by my current achievement and I put a big hope to myself, that I can break through the barrier and prevail. Of course being an IPA kid fighting in the unfamiliar field is never been easy thing for me. So everyday, I have to remind myself that there’s lot of IPS kids who are smarter than you out there. They are prepared for this, and they have strong determination to win this fight. And by living in this constant fear, I successfully push myself to study little by little on last semester.

Fortunately in this 6th semester, I already have a plan to start learning SBMPTN intensely. I already bought a book about it, I read many tips and strategies for SBMPTN, and etc. To my surprise, I plan to start it this week onward and let me tell you, it started beautifully as I stated above.

In my current situation, by having the highest score on Try Out, I have to carry my own and also my friends expectations. This proves to be problematic for me, because usually I’m not good at improving my achievement let alone keeping it that way. And also, there will be another SBMPTN Try Out on 20th and 31st January. So this moment is actually challenging for me. There’s no other way other than study harder than ever. There’s a lot of thing for me to cope with. And I really hope I have the requirements to overcome it and prevail for once, twice, and also prevail in the real SBMPTN test. Amin.

Warm Regards, Lucke Haryo.

Polyglot and Stuff

Tim Doner, teen who speaks 20 languages. Image taken from thumbnail of video about him on YouTube.

In case you didn’t know, Polyglot comes from ancient greek words of Poli and Glotis meaning Many Tongue. Polyglot is a person with an ability to speak more than 3 languages. Because of that impressive skill, I consider polyglot as a wonderful figure. And also because of that, I want to be one.

As far as I remember, I took a keen interest on becoming polyglot when I was on my third year of Junior High School. It was an assignment from Mrs. Lilik, my PPKn teacher. And the assignment was to show our talent in front of the class. During that time, I read a lot of Russian culture including its language and writing. So I had an idea to teach my classmates a bit of Russian and the cyrillic alphabet. To accomplish this, I studied Russian a bit from the internet, with mere understanding and comprehension of course. But turns out it was a group project, and I had to scrap it.

My obsession to be a polyglot resurfaces when I was on my first year on High School. That was when I watched videos of Tim Doner on YouTube. And after I was amazed by his brilliance, I did some googling about polyglot. Upon finishing my googling, I came with one conclusion, I have to be one. But then life happened, and I didn’t really do anything to accomplish it. Until…

A lot of things happened during my second year on high school, those experiences left a very deep mark on my mind regarding my choice for the future, I want to be someone who works on international matter. And that is why on my 18th birthday, I started learning my second international language.

I choose German because, well I love the history of Germany especially during the first and second world war. And I think German and English have many similarities so it won’t be too difficult for me. And also, there is a German course on Duolingo. I have been studying German from Duolingo for 2 months now and I can say it is going pretty well. It is very fun to study from Duolingo altough Duolingo doesn’t guarantee 100% mastery.

Currently I am very comfortable and my motivation is quite high to learn German. Sometimes I try to speak German to my friends as if they understand it, and of course I provide some translations after that. It is really amusing to know their reaction. At this learning rate, I really hope I can master spoken and written German as well. Wish me luck guys.

Herzliche Grüße, Lucke Haryo.






A Little Insight on Cheating

Illustration of cheating, taken from Wikipedia page of a same subject.

Cheating in this case academically, is an act of dishonesty during exam. This act can range from writing notes on your palm, cooperating with your friends, using cellphone or other communication devices, and even stealing the exam paper. And during my life as a student, I have witnessed it all and commited some. And this semester I stop this bad habit.


The question should not be why, it should be why not? I just came to realization that cheating is bad and nothing can be used to justificate this act. And before I present you why should you stop cheating too. I will identificate the reason behind why students cheat. Basically the sole reason why they cheat is they want a good grades, but the profound reason of it are :

  • They are urged to

Cheating has been an integral part of students culture. Many of them felt something is missing when they try to not cheat. And this culture has found a deep roots inside today society. There are some cases of students urged to cheat by one of their parents. The parents argued that if they do not take part in this act, they will regret it later because everyone is doing it. And also the peer pressure is extremely high. From the day one of the exam I observed many have formed plan to cooperate because one is excel at this subject while another one is not and the other because they are best friend or even they are in a romantic relationship.

  • They find the subject is too hard

This may be the most common reason of all. Some students have the inclination to stop their effort to study on particular subjects because it is too hard. I already observed this phenomenon on myself. I found physics and chemistry was too hard for me (and it still is) so I completely didn’t study and I cheated on the exam. While the students shouldn’t be fully blamed on this matter, this reason still can’t be justified to condone this act.

  • They have chance

During my 12 years experience of being student and taking part in exam, I have known many types of teacher overseeing the exam. The one that left deep impression was this teacher on my second grade of elementary school. She said that students can open the book and ask others as long as they keep quiet. And recently during this UAS exam, from what I observed often the teacher overseeing the exam completely ignore this act while witnessing it. However there are some teacher that are strict overseer and can’t tolerate cheating act to a certain level.

And now, the reason why you should stop :

  • You lie

Yes of course if you cheat, somehow you will get a better result than when you don’t. But it is a result built on a lie. You wouldn’t like somebody to lie would you? What if it is you yourself that lying? Not also that you will also lie to many after that. Your parents, your teacher, your friends. Well maybe some of you consider those are a white lie, but nevertheless being honest is better.

  • Cheating is pointless

Based on my own experience, I found cheating is pointless. During my first and second year on highschool, I always cheat during chemistry and physics exam. But the result is always the same, my grade is not getting any better. I conclude that teacher has some sort of psychic ability to write down grades, as the grades I got resembled so much of my own achievment. Beside of that, cheating to acquire a good grades doesn’t make any sense to me. During my last year in high school here, I learned that grades is not that important, and it has been pointed out many times by some teachers.

  • It is morally wrong

By wrong I mean very very wrong. I believe honesty is a universal and also fundamental norm. By not following this norm, you are violating what makes the basis of the concept of “good” in general. By cheating you made grades dictate your mind, controlling what you do, and most importantly blurring the line of good and bad. If the habit continues, cheating will make us opportunistic, ignorant, and also it reinforce the instant mentality that disregard efforts.

And that is folks why shouldn’t cheat. I hope the reason I presented above can convince you to stop cheating. Afterall what I really hope is someday, starting from now, people will appreciate honesty more, and I think it will makes our world a better place to live in.

Warm regards, Lucke Haryo.