10th January 2016


So last Sunday was a very memorable day for me in this year of 2016. I unexpectedly got the highest score on SBMPTN Soshum Try Out held by KPMBB during Banyuwangi Education Festival. I really didn’t expect anything back then. I didn’t study harder, I didn’t set any goals, and in fact I didn’t even know there is a reward for highest score! But nevertheless, I won.

To me, I really delighted by my current achievement and I put a big hope to myself, that I can break through the barrier and prevail. Of course being an IPA kid fighting in the unfamiliar field is never been easy thing for me. So everyday, I have to remind myself that there’s lot of IPS kids who are smarter than you out there. They are prepared for this, and they have strong determination to win this fight. And by living in this constant fear, I successfully push myself to study little by little on last semester.

Fortunately in this 6th semester, I already have a plan to start learning SBMPTN intensely. I already bought a book about it, I read many tips and strategies for SBMPTN, and etc. To my surprise, I plan to start it this week onward and let me tell you, it started beautifully as I stated above.

In my current situation, by having the highest score on Try Out, I have to carry my own and also my friends expectations. This proves to be problematic for me, because usually I’m not good at improving my achievement let alone keeping it that way. And also, there will be another SBMPTN Try Out on 20th and 31st January. So this moment is actually challenging for me. There’s no other way other than study harder than ever. There’s a lot of thing for me to cope with. And I really hope I have the requirements to overcome it and prevail for once, twice, and also prevail in the real SBMPTN test. Amin.

Warm Regards, Lucke Haryo.


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