Polyglot and Stuff

Tim Doner, teen who speaks 20 languages. Image taken from thumbnail of video about him on YouTube.

In case you didn’t know, Polyglot comes from ancient greek words of Poli and Glotis meaning Many Tongue. Polyglot is a person with an ability to speak more than 3 languages. Because of that impressive skill, I consider polyglot as a wonderful figure. And also because of that, I want to be one.

As far as I remember, I took a keen interest on becoming polyglot when I was on my third year of Junior High School. It was an assignment from Mrs. Lilik, my PPKn teacher. And the assignment was to show our talent in front of the class. During that time, I read a lot of Russian culture including its language and writing. So I had an idea to teach my classmates a bit of Russian and the cyrillic alphabet. To accomplish this, I studied Russian a bit from the internet, with mere understanding and comprehension of course. But turns out it was a group project, and I had to scrap it.

My obsession to be a polyglot resurfaces when I was on my first year on High School. That was when I watched videos of Tim Doner on YouTube. And after I was amazed by his brilliance, I did some googling about polyglot. Upon finishing my googling, I came with one conclusion, I have to be one. But then life happened, and I didn’t really do anything to accomplish it. Until…

A lot of things happened during my second year on high school, those experiences left a very deep mark on my mind regarding my choice for the future, I want to be someone who works on international matter. And that is why on my 18th birthday, I started learning my second international language.

I choose German because, well I love the history of Germany especially during the first and second world war. And I think German and English have many similarities so it won’t be too difficult for me. And also, there is a German course on Duolingo. I have been studying German from Duolingo for 2 months now and I can say it is going pretty well. It is very fun to study from Duolingo altough Duolingo doesn’t guarantee 100% mastery.

Currently I am very comfortable and my motivation is quite high to learn German. Sometimes I try to speak German to my friends as if they understand it, and of course I provide some translations after that. It is really amusing to know their reaction. At this learning rate, I really hope I can master spoken and written German as well. Wish me luck guys.

Herzliche Grüße, Lucke Haryo.







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